Go Further with Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

At the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, students are immersed in a liberal arts education that extends beyond the walls of the classroom.

Experiential learning opportunities provide our students the chance to participate in hands-on research, engage with their communities, and explore timely and impactful topics. Through these experiences, students not only develop new skills—they gain a deeper understanding of our world. In addition, dedicated and knowledgeable professors encourage students to think deeply and broaden their minds as they engage alongside them.

Inherent in our liberal arts education is an interdisciplinary appreciation and exploration of varying perspectives and approaches to learning and to life. As a result, Dyson students understand the importance of diversity, empathy, and compassion within their own communities and beyond. Go-getters from the start, Dyson graduates recognize that their journey continues even after they cross the stage at Commencement. They’re equipped with the skills to go boldly and to go further than they ever imagined, ready to take on the world—today’s and tomorrow’s.